Hi, I’m Alex Terehov
Enthusiastic about products that improve localization workflows.

terehov.alexander.serg@gmail.com or LinkedIn profile

Discovering problems as a product manager
Nailing particular problems for people I could talk to. Endurance to uncertainty and failure helps to validate problems with minimum products.

Building software as an engineer
Love building proof of concepts and refining them as we learn more about the problem product is solving. My main interest is on the business side, so I usually work with other devs.

Optimizing localization and translation workflows
I adore efficient operations of localization and vendor managers. It’s a miracle when many people work together to produce outputs with expected quality and within the expected timeframe.


1 year full time already and continuing

Removing boring and repetitive parts of internationalization with i18n Ally products at Lokalise.

~3½ years full time and still in a good relationships

Made faster payouts and reduced paperwork barriers for language companies and translators when working with vendors and customers abroad with ProZ*Pay.

Upgraded a list of language companies and business memberships at ProZ.com.

Built a reference integration between ProZ.com and translation business management system, Protemos.

~8 years full time and still in a good relationships

Documented core business processes and established the practice of annual business process audits, managed a successful ISO 9001 audit at InText.

Established and coordinated impactful complaints management process at InText.

Established a semi-annual language company performance overview based on data: main initiative, sales, volume structure, complaints structure, vendor management cadence.

Built a translator’s workplace at InText, UTIC.eu website with conference online streaming.

Introduced translation editing and proofreading standards at InText.

Speeded up and reduced the cost of getting to optimum productivity level (OPL) for remote translators (sourcing, testing, recruitment, onboarding, maintaining relationships) at InText.

Failed to build a personality tests product for recruitment.

Transformed an internal translation business management system from a company-wide bottleneck to a competitive advantage at InText.

Personal activities
aside from marriage since a freshman year and enjoying two kids

Advising on business workflows for small translation companies.

Advising on foundations of product discovery and software delivery process for companies which non-software background.

Built Google Doc add on by myself (8k users at peak) and a few browser extensions as a freelance developer.

Built open-sourced socatar.com, an easy way for showing user profile pictures from GitHub and Gravatar.

Contributed to GitHub Desktop, GitLab and Yii framework as a developer just for fun.

Built several websites on different CMS as a freelance developer and a bit of designer.